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The Birth of YOUngevity® Be The Change Foundation

At Youngevity®, we have developed a great company with great people that can move mountains. We recognize that we can make the world a better place if we focus some of our efforts on some of the challenges we are currently facing in the world. As a profitable company, the executive team at Youngevity® determined that we were finally in a position to display our hearts and offer some aid to those in need. It was then, in the fall of 2012, that CEO, Steve Wallach asked CFO, Dave Briskie, and his wife, “Sunshine” to help create a program of charitable giving that would incorporate all of our distributors and customers; and YOUngevity® Be The Change was born!

Background: We have researched the largest direct selling companies and the largest Coffee Companies and learned that there are countless ways to implement a charitable giving campaign. It can be donation focused, product focused or people taking action focused. However, we wanted a program that existed on its own, without loss to shareholder value and without penalizing distributor incomes. The key to a successful program is developing a cause campaign that inspires people to ACT.

Our cause marketing campaign must be in line with our fiduciary responsibility to produce results for our shareholders and must be in line with our mission to help our distributors achieve financial freedom. YOUngevity® Be The Change must be a 501 c (3) foundation. We are proud to present this foundation to the world on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at our CEO Training School in Baltimore, Maryland.