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On the 1st of each month, Youngevity Be the Change Foundation has designated the entire day to be a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Day. All Youngevity distributors, employees and customers are strongly encouraged to do an unsolicited act of kindness for the benefit of a person in need. Ideally this will be an anonymous donation of time, effort or money.

If you are so inclined, and wish to purchase them, we have very inexpensive cards printed with Youngevity® Be the Change Foundation on one side, and the words, PASS IT ON, on the other side. We believe that through these random acts of kindness we can change the world, and that the helped will be transformed into the helpers. By handing the beneficiary a RAK card, we hope that they will keep the card, but then pass it on when they can return the kindness through their own RAK; so they can join the change from a different perspective – a change of heart.** As our RAK movement grows, and with so many giving and special members of our Youngevity family participating on the 1st of every month, we want to hear all about your inspiring stories. Whether your life was touched by someone, or you changed the life of another, we encourage all RAK participants to share their experience by sending their stories to bethechange@youngevity.com with RAK in the subject line. Each month, we’ll select RAK stories to feature on the Be the Change website as well as Youngevity® social media sites.

The stories you share will help inspire others to join the RAK movement. We are especially interested in your recognition of a difference in the faces, attitudes and other noticeable changes of the beneficiaries of the RAK; both before and after the act. However, please DO NOT take pictures as this should be a private, respectful act. Giving anonymously is the hallmark of a selfless act and we believe strongly that we should adhere to this when participating in our RAK days. Likewise, we would like to encourage you to report your stories of transformation with a first and last initial so we can carry forth with respect and without self promotion. Obviously, we will know who wrote to us through your email address, but we would like to share the inspiring, and surely uplifting stories without names.

We are excited to hear of the impact a simple act, even a smile, has; even if the change is in you! Share your story: bethechange@youngevity.com.

** These beautiful RAK Cards you see below are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase in packages of 25. Not only will you be changing the lives of each RAK card recipient, but 100% of your purchase of these beautiful cards will support the Be the Change Foundation. Order yours today at the Be the Change Shop!