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At Youngevity Be the Change Foundation, we know that being the change is so much more than giving money to a cause; we become part of that cause.  We donate our time and effort where we see it is needed.  We volunteer at homeless shelters, food pantries, nursing homes, and hospitals.  We show up on work days to military base housing, where the deployed can’t be. We help rebuild an elderly person’s fence after a storm has blown it down.  In short, we know that our help is needed, even if it is just as a smile, and we give it… joyfully.

We also respond to tragedies with action as well as food and monetary aid – wherever the event has occurred. Our Distributors and Customers have literally gone to the aid of the victims of floods, tornado’ and typhoons all over the world. In our own communities, we have also come together to support our charities and those causes close to our hearts by volunteering our time and efforts.

Our community also includes our family of workers on Youngevity’s very own coffee plantation in Nicaragua. We employ over 160 workers, most of whom live with their families on the grounds of the plantation. When we saw that a school and daycare center on the property were closed due to the high costs associated with running them, and the children were in need, Youngevity Be The Change Foundation pledged to reopen both the school and daycare center. We are being the change that is needed so that our workers can work with the peace of mind that their children are not only safe, but cared for and in a learning environment. Teachers are being hired, books and supplies will be purchased and learning will once again commence! We anticipate that other needs related to the school and the children it will serve will be needed and we look forward to fulfilling those needs once they are assessed.

We hope that you too will join in our mission to change the world by being the change it needs.  One of the ways you can start is to consider purchasing our dedicated Be the Change products.  Not only are they truly wonderful, valuable products, but our parent, and publically-traded company, Youngevity International, has pledged 100% of the profits generated by the purchase of these products to be donated to the Be the Change Foundation. If you are a customer, you can rest easy knowing you have made a difference simply by enjoying great coffee, beauty and health care products.  If you are a distributor, you can rest easy with this knowledge – as well as enjoy your normal commission. By paying commissions on products whose profits are pledged to its charitable foundation, rather than to the company itself, Youngevity truly walks the talk as a transforming company; unmatched in our industry.

Please view the list of Youngevity Be the Change Foundation products by CLICKING HERE.