1. Is YBTC a charitable organization as defined by the IRS?

Yes. Youngevity® Be the Change Foundation is a 501 (c )(3) and its tax id (EIN) number is 46-3010620

2. Is YBTC a 501 c (3) organization?

Yes. See #1 above.

3. Can my favorite charity or church become a YBTC beneficiary?

We believe, as our name and motto suggests, that you should begin your charitable donations at home. Youngevity Be the Change Foundation actually pays a commission to every distributor through whom the purchase of each YBTC product was made, which means that distributor has the opportunity to be the change – TWICE! When you purchase a BTC product, you are able to contribute once to the Foundation itself, and its designated charities, and once to your favorite charity or Church of choice. Paying a commission for the purchase of a product whose profits are donated to a charitable foundation is unique in our industry and it sets us apart from other companies. We hope you choose to be the change in your own community as well.

4. How did the American Red Cross and the Make A Wish® San Diego become YBTC’s chosen charities?

Youngevity, as a public company (stock symbol: YGYI), is highly scrutinized by the public, our shareholders, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),and other governmental agencies along with outside accountants. So when it came to choosing our charities, after searching our hearts, we selected three groups or categories where we felt we wanted to make the most impact. These include: persons directly in the line of fire during tragedies, children with critical illnesses and supporting our military personnel, especially when they return impaired from standing in our place on the battlefield. We then researched nationally “A Rated” charities, and selected the American Red Cross and Make-A-Wish® as the nationally vetted charities we wished to align with who have the largest impact on a global scale.

Since establishing Be the Change, we have proudly helped these charities with monetary aid as well as physical assistance in the US as well as the Philippines; proving once again that there are no limits to how you can be the change. We hope you will be proud to join us in helping these causes!

5. Who determines the amounts of the donations and how they are dispersed?

YBTC Board Members make this determination. YBTC Board Members consists mostly of members of Youngevity’s Executive Team. In the face of disaster, it is imperative that we react as quickly as we can. These decisions are made by emergency meetings within hours of the event, so we are able to make our donations at the time they are needed most.

6. Will I be issued a tax form documenting my donation to YBTC?

If you have made a donation via check or credit card, a form documenting this donation will be sent to you as donations are made. Commissions earned are counted as earned income, and as such, will be included in the annual 1099 issued to all of our distributors. We encourage accurate bookkeeping procedures pertaining to income, donations and the like by all of our distributors.

7. How can I donate to YBTC?

Purchase a Be the Change Product! We are very proud to offer wonderful products (such as coffee, skin care items, accessories and other health care prodcuts) at significant values (our coffees begin at just $9.00) to anyone who would like to contribute to the foundation! All profits generated from the purchase of these items will be donated to the Foundation. Please refer to #11 below, and click on the Shop button on our website for a listing of these wonderful, life-changing products.

Donations to Youngevity Be the Change Foundation can be made by personal check mailed to:
Youngevity Be the Change Foundation
2400 Boswell Rd.
Chula Vista, CA 91914

In the event of a disaster, we may set up a Donate Now button on our websites for faster donations at the time they are needed the most. We will alert our Youngevity family through social media, newsletters, and other communication channels if this becomes necessary.

8. Can I select which charity is the beneficiary of my particular donation?

All funds will be contributed to YBTC and then disbursed to the charities. If you would like to direct your funds to a specific charity, we suggest that you make those donations directly to that specific charity as you see fit. Remember, you can always help your favorite charity in ways other than monetary donations; by gathering with your friends and family to offer assistance where it is needed or even by running in a 5K to raise awareness. Youngevity Be the Change Foundation would never limit the outpouring of your heart.

9. If I am a Youngevity® distributor, can I donate my commission to YBTC?

Not directly. You can, however, write a check for that amount after you receive it and mail it to:

Youngevity Be the Change Foundation
2400 Boswell Road
Chula Vista, CA 91914.

Once again, we would not want to limit the outpouring of your heart.

10. Can I donate Youngevity® products to the foundation?

Not at the current time. However, in November and in December of 2013, we had the opportunity to do just this when we responded to victims of the Philippines Typhoon Disaster with enough GoFoods™ products to feed over 3100 families. We will assess this opportunity as needs arise and will keep you up-to-date through our various communication outlets.

11. What products are associated with YBTC?

We are always growing our offering of Be the Change contributing products. These products currently include premium coffees, skin care products, jewelry, and other high-quality lifestyle products. For a full list of all current Be the Change products, please click on the link below.


Remember, to also be on the lookout for these items to be included in Youngevity’s DEAL DAY WEDNESDAY promotions!

12. Can YBTC make donations outside of the Chosen Charities?

Yes, the YBTC Foundation Board of Directors has the discretion to direct funds in a manner that will create the greatest impact, particularly in the face of disasters. You have our pledge that each donation will be thoroughly vetted through our partner, Foundation Source, to assure it’s standing as a 501 c (3) fully reporting entity. The Board will be led by their hearts and will always be transparent on their decisions for the use of these funds.