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Did you know that being the change isn’t simply limited to purchasing products to support our wonderful causes or making a donation when it is needed? You can join our YBTC Running Club and change yourself and your community too! As our Random Acts of Kindness transform our hearts to carry the tune of compassion, getting involved in a healthy routine with people who share your passion for well-being also strengthens your body as well as your heart. There is absolutely no running experience needed to join or even start your own YBTC Running Club. If you have a desire to change your life, and by doing so inspire others to join you and promote our causes, you already posses the most important element. Your determination will grow as you see and feel the differences in your body and in your spirit. If you have ever considered signing up for a 5K, 10K, or even a Half Marathon, the best way to accomplish this goal is to find others who share your passion and a movement is born!

photoAt Youngevity International Corporate offices in Chula Vista, many of our employees have formed their own YBTC Running Club over the past year and we thought you would like to learn from them. Rocio Ramos (rramos@youngevity.com) is our fearless leader and she has developed the plan of action found below. Please contact her for more information or if you have a question. We look forward to hearing about many YBTC Running Clubs springing up all over North America and Great Britain and can’t wait to hear all about them. Please send Rocio your pictures!


Here’s her plan:

If you need a running schedule to follow for any first timers, you can follow the great schedule we’ve created for you. 6 Weeks to a 5k! Team-YGY-Beginner-Running-Schedule_thumbnail Once you’ve decided which races your Running Club will be participating in, be sure to email a schedule of your races to rramos@youngevity.com so that we can post them on our upcoming events section! After you complete a race, send your team photos to rramos@youngevity.com so that those too can be posted on the Be the Change website as well as our social media sites!


How Do I Get Started in Forming a YBTC Running Club?

  1. Send an email or Facebook post/message to your intended friends and interested people, and put up flyers in and around your community to inspire interest in joining your club. Be sure to include a way to contact you that will include a meeting location, days and times.
  2. Create a Facebook Group page with details of days you and your team will run, practice, meet to organize and keep everyone in the loop updated.
  3. Sign up to support our wonderful causes by committing to a monthly autoship for at least one of our dedicated YBTC products (our least expensive item is just $9.00). We will be adding to our product list periodically.
  4. We have partnered with Celebrity Fashion Designer and MK Collab partner, Marisa Kenson, to design running gear for YBTC. Shortly, you will be able to purchase at least a running shirt so all of your team will be dressed alike and promoting our Foundation simply by running and wearing our gear. Additional running clothing and accessories will be available soon!
  5. Sign up for Local Races!
  6. Post pictures of you and your team as a group and individual pictures as well. Don’t forget to email your pictures to Rocio at corporate so she can post them on our YBTC site too!
  7. Continue to encourage others to join your club.
  8. Keep changing your Running Club locations and days to promote more variety and possibly birth a new running club as yours grows.
  9. Please send an email to Rocio Ramos at rramos@youngevity.com with Running Club Formation in the subject line so she can build a table of running clubs and advise people who are searching for one to join.

How Do I Find a Running Club In My Area?

First, contact Rocio Ramos at rramos@youngevity.com as she may have information about a club near you. You might then consider posting a Facebook message on our Youngevity page advising that you are looking to join an existing Running Club. If you still cannot find one near you, we hope you will consider starting your own!

We are very excited to bring to you this new YBTC program inspired by our own Youngevity employees, as well as by several interested distributors and customers who were already running in races and wanted to Be the Change while transforming their bodies.