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The Youngevity coffee story is really like no other. In 2014, Youngevity International purchased a 1,000-acre coffee plantation in the lush rainforest of Matagalpa. With this amazing resource, we are proud to say we’re a field to cup coffee organization. That means that we grow our coffee in the warm Nicaraguan Rainforest; starting with our own saplings, nurturing them to fully mature plants, and hand picking the coffee just for you.

We then dry, roast, package and manage every step along the way, bringing the very best coffee in the world right to your door. We’ve taken great pains to ensure that our product meets all the certifications for specialty coffee, and we’re honored to offer the very best coffee from our field—to your cup.

But there’s more. Our coffee is determined to do more than just be great coffee. It’s grown to help change the world. The plantation was in a state of disrepair when we acquired it. Home to 180 dedicated workers and their families, we saw the need and the possibilities of restoring their home to its former splendor—and the Youngevity Be The Change Foundation was born.

The foundation—in partnership with Fair Trade—built a new hydroelectricity plant to generate green power and a three-story condominium-style dormitory, where the families could live and thrive. It reopened the school and added a daycare. And, in an effort to reach out to all ages, our partner, Marisol Siles, started a literacy program for the adults at the plantation, many of whom could not even sign their names when the program began. The literacy program has been so successful, it now extends to the adults of neighboring plantations.

Today, Youngevity’s Be The Change Foundation reaches far beyond the lush mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua and contributes to a host of charities.

By purchasing our coffee, you’re not only choosing the world’s best field-to-cup coffee, you’re doing a world of good by helping our foundation make extraordinary changes in everyday lives.