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Patch Adams combines laughter, fun, and old-fashioned clowning around to spread his message of holistic medical care to the world.

Adams, who earned his medical degree in 1971, created a groundbreaking hospital model, which operated out of his communal home. The hospital’s six core policies were unlike any other.

  1. Care is free; no third party reimbursement is accepted.
  2. No malpractice insurance is carried.
  3. 3-4 hour initial interviews are conducted with patients.
  4. The health of the caregiver is as important as the health of the care-receiver.
  5. Patients are treated as friends.
  6. All complementary medicines are accepted.

This model operated for 12 years, treated thousands of patients, and became the basis for the Gesundheit Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit healthcare organization.

The Gesundheit Institute began the construction of their first large building, a “Teaching Center,” in West Virginia. Upon completion, patients will have access to treatment within this facility. In the future, Adams plans to build a comprehensive hospital facility to provide free health care to those in need. This hospital will also carry out these six important policies.

The institute engages in global outreach programs, in which Adams and the institute’s volunteers travel to countries around the world to spread their message of joy and to increase awareness of their organization. Adams and the volunteers regularly don their signature clown noses, outlandish outfits, and friendly smiles to bring happiness to refugee camps, natural disaster sites, and other poverty-stricken areas.

The Gesundheit Institute continues to do its amazing work and sustains much of its volunteer efforts by receiving donations. Our Be The Change Foundation is pleased to support Patch Adams and his organization’s efforts to offer life-changing health care services to those in need. The proceeds of your membership to the Javalution Coffee Club directly benefit the Be The Change Foundation. Our foundation then distributes the funds to our family of foundations, which includes the Gesundheit Institute, the American Red Cross, and many more.

Thank you for your support!