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21 September, 2013
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Colorado Relief

Hello Lisa!

Thank you again for helping us “BE THE CHANGE” in our community!  During one of the worst natural disasters in Colorado history, Youngevity® and its distributors really stepped up to the plate!  By donating three HUGE pallets of 360™ Water and Renew Energy drinks, we made a real difference in the very community where it needed it the most.

My son, Dominic Ciani, and I loaded all the product and took it to the local FEMA location after I determined that that was where the real need was.  There were hundreds of people going there every day for help, which included a food bank that was staffed by unbelievably wonderful people. FEMA was THRILLED, and I am not kidding, thrilled to receive the donation, especially the water.  We made so many trips back and forth that they knew us by name!

In addition, we asked our Colorado distributors to bring clothing (NEW underwear and socks in particular), personal hygiene products, pet food and baby food.  This is what we came up with: 100 lbs. of pet food donated to the Longmont Humane Society; 200 lbs. of toiletries and 700 lbs. of clothing donated to the OUR Center!  Everyone was extremely generous as most of these items were things that they went out and purchased!

I would like to give a personal shout out to the following people, and I know that I will miss somebody so I will apologize up front:  Trish Hetherington, Marianne Niehaus, Steve Dresser, Scott & Juliette Fardulis, Melissa Wallace, Jamie Lissau, James Rowe, Kevin & Brenda Martin, Susan Norman, Cheri & Gary Mathis, Dominick Host, Jody & Trisha Schaefer, Bob & Jackie Phillips, Travis Adler, Bobbi Ciani, Evie & Jim Chaddic, Tom Chenault and Dominic Ciani.

Thank you again for the incredible monetary donation made by the Be The Change Foundation and the pallets of product.  It gave us a real opportunity to be able to SERVE.

With gratitude-

Denice Chenault