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For many years, Youngevity® International  has had much success in the coffee industry through its coffee division, CLR Roasters, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Youngevity® International. CLR Roasters produces a variety of coffee blends sold through CLR Roaster brands (Café La Rica®, Josie’s Java House® and Javalution®), in addition to manufacturing private labels that serve a variety of industries. However, the decision to add an exclusive coffee blend to the Be The Change Foundation came in the Fall of 2012.

The very specific beans found in the Be The Change Coffee came to Youngevity® International during a trip taken to Nicaragua by CFO, Dave Briskie and CLR Roasters President, Ernesto Aguila, in October of 2012.  The two travelled to Nicaragua to tour a rainforest coffee plantation and spend time with the plantation owners. Dave and Ernesto encountered many obstacles on their trip such as security concerns and the flooding of rainforest crossings necessary to get to the plantation itself, but these events did not deter them from their goal. Once they arrived, they were welcomed by the Siles Family, who have owned and operated the Siles Plantation for four generations; employing over 150 workers during that time.  In a country as devastated by poverty as Nicaragua, the vast majority of its citizen’s desire only to feed their families and live in peace.  This hardworking mentality of overcoming political strife, weather-related disasters and economic turmoil, makes these one-of-a-kind coffee beans even more extraordinary.

After meeting the family and workers, touring the high-mountain rainforest region (100% shade-grown) and speaking with the workers, Dave negotiated to exclusively purchase 100% of the production of the coffee grown and harvested from the Siles Family Plantation. This means that Youngevity® Be The Change Coffee can only be purchased through our distributors.  It simply is the very best coffee you will ever taste AND it comes with a heartfelt thank you from the growers, whose lives are obviously enriched by the purchase.  This is only the organic way our coffee can give back.

What’s in the cup of Youngevity® Be The Change Coffee you drink? Knowing that simply by drinking your morning coffee, YOU can “Be The Change” and transform the world, one cup at a time.

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