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Dear Youngevity® Family,

As you may know, we officially launched the Youngevity® Be The Change website at the CEO School in Baltimore on Sept 6th – 8th.  At the CEO School, we were happy to provide a donation to the Make-a-Wish® Foundation, with Drew Pearson accepting the gift on behalf of the foundation. Even more, we are excited to see that so many of you have already shown your support of the foundation.  Now, another crisis is requiring the support of Youngevity® Be The Change.

It is without a doubt that we are all deeply saddened and concerned about the horrific flooding that is currently taking place in the Boulder area of Colorado and, of course, Youngevity® Be The Change Foundation would like to do what it can to help.  With the help of Tom and Denise Chenault, and other key distributor partners in the area, we have identified the Longmont Community Foundation as a beneficiary of Youngevity® Be The Change Foundation’s latest donation.  The Longmont Community Foundation was thoroughly vetted by our partner, Foundation Source.  Longmont Community Foundation is donating 100% of proceeds to the stranded and displaced residents of Colorado.

Youngevity® Be The Change Foundation has already pledged a cash donation of $2,500.  Additionally, the foundation is donating 2 pallets of 360™ Premium Water and 1 pallet of Pur3x Renew drinks.  Tom and Denise Chenault will lead a team of our finest distributors who have agreed to hand out the water and the drinks to those most in need.  We recognize that you too may wish to add to our impact.  Please consider donating through the “Donate Now” button on the Youngevity® Be The Change website and help the victims of this horrific flood. Remember, you may also purchase the Youngevity® Be The Change products that help us fund our foundation.

With more rain still expected, our hearts go out to all of the afflicted and especially to the members of our own Youngevity® family who are affected by this disaster.  Especially poignant in this particular donation is the likelihood that our donations will be needed by our own family.  Please take the time now to search your heart and consider donating so our impact can be effective.

Please visit http://ygybethechange.wpengine.com/ to DONATE NOW or purchase Be The Change products!

– Lisa “Sunshine” Briskie